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ScotiaBlast provides expert drilling and blasting services

Part of the Municipal Group of Companies, ScotiaBlast provides explosives expertise to clients in a number of industries, including construction, mining and quarry. Services are provided to a number of major clients throughout Eastern Canada. We currently have a fleet of over 15 hydraulic drills and 15 down-the-hole drills, and are equipped to drill diameters from 3” to 8.5” utilizing a variety of Top Hammer and DTH machines.

To meet a wide variety of individual requirements and applications, ScotiaBlast provides expert drilling and blasting services in the following areas:


  • Crown Pillar Recovery
  • Ramp Portals
  • Shaft collars
  • Drop Raises
  • Bulk samples
  • Line Drilling for wall control
  • Open pit production mining


  • Highways and secondary roads
  • Logging roads
  • Residential development
  • Hydro-electrical power projects
  • Rip rap rock
  • Quarry rock
  • Structural foundations
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Commercial Developments
  • Line Drilling for wall control

Additional Services

  • Use of blasting mats and shovels to place mats when required

  • Seismographic monitoring for vibrations and air over pressure
  • Secondary rock breakage service (supply 100% crushable muck)
  • Detailed drill and blast reports
  • Engineering services



1001 Luce Street
Labrador City, NL
A2V 2K7